someday we'll see the ocean.
hi, i'm taylor. i lead an armin arlert appreciation life, and that basically covers it.

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so we burst into colors, colors, and carousels / fall head first like paper planes and playground games / next thing, we're touching / you look at me, it's like you hit me with lightning


Ahaha, I forgot I drew this a while ago :-D ♥

THIS never gets old.


Stay with me… always


Wow, considering how much snk fanart I draw it’s been a while since I drew any of the characters in canon clothes. >___>

I’m cosplaying Armin for comicCon in Birmingham on Saturday, so I had to draw some Jearmin~ I will totally not spend my time at the con looking for Marcoless Jeans. 


Day 1 - Childhood

eren was so excited that the candy automat actually worked that he decided to give armin his new treasure


jean who secretly loves playing with hair and armin who secretly loves having his hair played with


OKAY SO remember this?

like, Render was one of the very first jeanmarco fics I read, and that was the very first jeanmarco fanart I made ;v;

so when I heard Saro was holding this art project for Render I just went all “mAN wouldn’t it be great to recreate that old-ass fanart i made months ago”

so here it is, the first fanart revisited ;v; i hope i’ve improved since then wELP


Don’t get me started on how important this movie is. I won’t stop.


So if you remember, I posted this WIP not too long ago. As you can see, it’s come a long way. This is for lostlegendaerie from chapter 10 of her wonderful fic, Render! If you haven’t yet, GO READ IT!!!

This was such a really awesome scene in my head that I just had to paint it! I just relly love Hitch’s design ok? 

Unfortunately, a scanner cannot pick up certain pigments on this painting so it looks kinda dull here. The colors are a lot more vibrant on the original. T^T I really had a lot of fun learning a new painting technique and hopefully I’ll get to do more soon. 

I hope this makes up for not posting art in a while. Hope you guys like it! ^^